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[booklist] (updated, heh)

I think I forgot to mention...these are just the NEW books I've read this year. This is NOT including the books I've read and re-read a million and a half times:P

After finishing "Bonnie", "Mastiff", and "Destined", all I can think is "holy shit, WTF?!".

No, seriously. Every single one of those ended with my jaw just about on the ground. They all just about broke my heart, but the one that shocked me the most of was Mastiff. I...I still can't...I'm

NOT cool, Tammy, lol. Love ya, but seriously...NOT cool ;_; also: I though the Beka books were supposed to be a quartet...but..I don't see how that can be now:S

fsdkjfsdfljlds, NOT COOL TAMMY ;_;

1Hunger GamesSuzanne Collins
2Catching FireSuzanne Collins
3MockingjaySuzanne Collins
4FrostfireLynn Viehl
5Twighlight's DawnAnne Bishop
6WhirlwindVarious Authors
7Bright HopesVarious Authors
8ArrowpointVarious Authors
9Tortall and other LandsTamora Pierce
10MarkedP C Cast & Kristin Cast
11BetrayedP C Cast & Kristin Cast
12ChosenP C Cast & Kristin Cast
13UntamedP C Cast & Kristin Cast
14HuntedP C Cast & Kristin Cast
15TemptedP C Cast & Kristin Cast
16BurnedP C Cast & Kristin Cast
17AwakenedP C Cast & Kristin Cast
18The Darkest FireGena Showalter
19The Darkest NightGena Showalter
20The Darkest KissGena Showalter
21The Darkest PleasureGena Showalter
22The Darkest PrisonGena Showalter
23The Darkest WhisperGena Showalter
24The Darkest AngelGena Showalter
25The Darkest PassionGena Showalter
26The Darkest LieGena Showalter
27The Darkest SecretGena Showalter
28The Darkest SurrenderGena Showalter
29City of BonesCassandra Clare
30City of AshesCassandra Clare
31City of GlassCassandra Clare
32City of Fallen AngelsCassandra Clare
33The Red PyramidRick Riordan
34The Son of Neptune (Heroes of Olympus Book 2)Rick Riordan
35Heart MateRobin d. Owens
36Heart ThiefRobin d. Owens
37Heart DuelRobin d. Owens
38Heart ChoiceRobin d. Owens
39Heart QuestRobin d. Owens
40Heart DanceRobin d. Owens
41Heart FateRobin d. Owens
42Heart ChangeRobin d. Owens
43Heart JourneyRobin d. Owens
44Heart SearchRobin d. Owens
45Dealing With DragonsPatricia Wrede
46Searching for DragonsPatricia Wrede
47Calling on DragonsPatricia Wrede
48Talking to DragonsPatricia Wrede
49Mairelon the MagicianPatricia Wrede
50Magician's WardPatricia Wrede
51Magic BitesIlona Andrews
52Magic BurnsIlona Andrews
53Magic StrikesIlona Andrews
54Magic BleedsIlona Andrews
55Magic SlaysIlona Andrews
56Curran Volumn 1Ilona Andrews
57Under Her Skin (anthology)Various Authors
58Must Love HellhoundsVarious Authors
59Briar RoseJane Yolen
60Feast of SoulsJane Yolen
61Sister Emily's LightshipJane Yolen
62The Lady's GardenJane Yolen
63The White BabeJane Yolen
64Battle Hymn of the Tiger MotherAmy Chua
65Sh_t My Dad SaysJustin Halpern
66The Face of DeceptionIris Johansen
67The SearchIris Johansen
68Body of LiesIris Johansen
69Blind AlleyIris Johansen
70CountdownIris Johansen
71QuicksandIris Johansen
72Blood GameIris Johansen
73Eight Days to LiveIris Johansen
74Chasing the NightIris Johansen
75EveIris Johansen
76Daughter of the ForestJuliet Marillier
77Son of the ShadowsJuliet Marillier
78Child of the ProphecyJuliet Marillier
79The Demon GirlPenelope Fletcher
80DraculaBram Stroker
81A Game of ThronesGeorge R. R. Martin
82QuinnIris Johansen
83BonnieIris Johansen
84Mastiff (Beka Cooper Book 3)Tamora Pierce
85Dragon's OathP C Cast & Kristin Cast
86DestinedP C Cast & Kristin Cast
87Wisconsin WeddingCarla Neggers
88The Ugly DucklingIris Johansen
89Pandora's DaughterIris Johansen
90Shadow ZoneIris Johansen
91NightshineLynn Viehl
92TwilightStephanie Meyer
93New MoonStephanie Meyer
94EclipseStephanie Meyer
95Breaking DawnStephanie Meyer
96Sizzling SixteenJanet Evanovich
97Smoking SeventeenJanet Evanovich
98Explosive EighteenJanet Evanovich
99WolfskinJuliet Marillier
100Children of the DawnlandKathleen O'Neal Gear & W. Michael Gear

Tags: * fmpr, books, fandom: anne bishop, fandom: black jewels, fandom: darkyn, fandom: house of night; life in: tx - ma, fandom: misc, fandom: tamora pierce, year: 2011
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